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The complete diving experience opens a new world for you to explore and enjoy. A quality diving educational program is necessary to ease you into this exciting and inviting world.

With any research you will soon discover that Northwest Divers offers the most complete education program in the area. This simply means, you receive more knowledge, comfort and expertise with Northwest Divers.

At Northwest Divers you are always welcome to continue the fun and excitement by expanding your knowledge and experiences through additional training. So you see, your learning concludes only when you decide. With the Northwest Divers educational program, you are the one making the choices… and that’s the way it should be.

Open Water Diver
Open Water Diver
Academic & Pool Course Fee $250.00
Designed for people on a tight schedule, this course is based on a home study format requiring 1 session for review, 2 sessions in the swimming pool, and one full weekend for your check out dives. You will need to provide your own Mask, Fins and Snorkel.
Class size is limited to 6 students.

Entry Level Open Water Check-Out Training Fee $200.00
Training covers the same skills presented in the pool. You’ll complete 1 snorkel dive and 4 scuba dives. The open water course includes: skills instruction, modern state of the art scuba diving equipment* and 5 training dives over a period of 2 days.
Note:If boat is used ( based on availability) course includes skills training for Boat Diving Specialty certification.
* Mask, snorkel and fins are not included in the tuition fee. Rental of this equipment is available for $16.

Specialty Diver
Specialty Diver Course Fee $175.00-$225.00
These courses serve as stepping-stones to becoming an
Advanced Open Water Diver. Courses available include:

  • Boat Diving
  • Deep Diving
  • Drysuit Diving
  • Navigation
  • Night/Limited Visibility Diving
  • Spearfishing

You will need to provide all of your own gear. Class size is limited to 8 students.
Note: Four specialties are required to become an Advanced Open Water Diver.

Stress & Rescue Diver
Stress & Rescue Diver – Course Fees Section 1 $175.00 Section 2 $125.00
THE BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER TAKEN!!    Most folks who have completed the Stress and Rescue Course finish with those exact words.  WHAT IS IT?  Through this course you will learn the fundamentals of identifying stress in other divers (and yourself) and what you can do before it becomes a problem.  This course is all about recognizing and solving problems before they happen.  You will also learn how to respond and what to do if an emergency or accident does occur.

Most folks tell us that this course provides a great opportunity to bring all their accumulated diving skills together and build on them. No worries.  We will not take you beyond your own limitations.  This is one of the central focuses of the training.  Learning limitations.

The course is provided in two separate sections. Section 1 will be academic and pool experience.  Section 2 will consist of utilizing your learned skills in the open water.

Class size is limited to 6 students.
You will need to provide all of your own equipment for this course.

Advanced Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water DiverCourse Fee $500.00
This course consists of four Specialty Diver courses. You pick the specialties (i.e. Night/Limited Visibility Diving, Deep Diving, Navigation etc.) The course will meet two nights a week for two weeks, with one full weekend of check out dives. You will need to provide your own gear, and some additional equipment is required. Class size is limited to 8 students.





Master DiverCourse Fee $100.00
This course is meant as a stepping-stone in becoming a Dive-Con; in order to receive this level of certification one must first take a Stress & Rescue course and four other specialties as well as 50 logged open-water dives.






Scuba Skills Update
Scuba Skills Update – Course Fee $150.00
This is a course designed for the diver who is certified but has not been in the water for a period of one year or more. The course will refresh your scuba knowledge. You will need to provide all of your own gear*. This course will meet one time and more if need be.





* Regulator, B/C, & Computer Console are available for a discounted rental fee of $35.

Dive Control Specialist
Dive Control Specialist
(Dive Con) – Course Fee $550.00 plus books
You will need to own all of your personal gear at this point. As a Dive Con you must help to teach, as well as be taught. The course will teach you how to conduct scuba update courses, snorkeling and guided underwater tours. You will also learn how to give lectures to students, learn product awareness such as how regulators work and how to fix them on site. This course consists of several academic, pool and open water sessions. Prerequisites for this course are Open Water Diver, Stress & Rescue Diver, Advanced, and Master Diver.
Books are not included and should be purchased in advance to allow yourself more time to prepare for your course.


You deserve more…and Northwest Divers will see to it that you receive it.